What does the PTO do?

The PTO spends approximately $90 per student at CMS. These funds support field trips, classroom supplies, STEM programs/supplies, ski program scholarships, recess equipment, and musical instrument repairs, among MANY other things. The CMS PTO also provides financial support to our guidance and nursing staff when the district budget falls short. Throughout the year, the CMS PTO organizes several different fundraisers, with the hope that most families will find a fundraiser that appeal to their interest.

The CMS PTO also prides themselves in hosting a few ever-popular community events for everyone to enjoy, free of cost.

Lastly, the CMS PTO helps support school clubs and enrichment activities for the students.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, community event, school club, or enrichment activity, please reach out to the PTO at cmsptonh@gmail.com.


The PTO offers many different types of fundraisers. While many are short-term, there are quite a few that are on-going throughout the year, or take place over a larger portion of the calendar. These are BoxTops, Hannaford Helps Schools, Restaurant Nights, Popcorn Day, and CMS Spirit Gear purchases.

Throughout the year, the PTO organizes a few individual fundraisers that take place over a set amount of time. Each of these fundraisers offers an opportunity for families to participate in something that not only appeals to their interest, but helps support the students and staff at CMS. These fundraisers include: Walktober, Wreath Sales, Plant Sales, etc. More information about individual fundraisers can be found under the fundraiser link.

Community Events

The CMS PTO organizes several events throughout the year to help unite and build our CMS community. These events tend to be free-of-charge, or families are sometimes requested to make a small donation to help offset the cost. Families will NEVER be turned away from any event because they are unable to make a donation. These events are there for everyone to enjoy. While we do have many families where money is tight, we ask for those fortunate enough to consider making a donation on their behalf.

Community Events in the past include, but are not limited to: Ice Cream Social, Movie Nights, Family Dances, Block Party, Spaghetti Dinner, Teacher Appreciation Lunches, 5th Grade Celebration, Kindergarten Graduation, and Welcome Back Coffee.

Clubs and Enrichment Activities

The CMS PTO supports many activities offered to the students of CMS. In past years, these activities have included STEM enrichment, the health fair, drama club, Krypto club, visiting authors or artists, and “Learn to Ski” scholarships.